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Please read the terms and conditions below. By placing an order you are agreeing to these terms. I reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply with these terms.


Item Availability: In case you have seen our store on a different site please be aware that our inventory is mirrored between both sites. Please do not submit an order for the same item on both sites at the same time since then we might not be able to fulfill both orders. Since our inventory is mirrored automatically it is very unlikely that this would affect any other orders but it is still possible that an item is not available due to an inventory error. 


Packing and Shipping: Orders will usually be shipped in one or two business days. Weekends and Canadian holidays do not count as business days. Custom forms will be filled accurately using the order total as the value of the contents. Please check out your own countries' customs information prior to ordering since you may be required to pay customs fees on this order.


Item condition: New parts are parts that have never been played with and were obtained from reputable sources. New does not mean they are mint, these parts have traveled a considerable distance which may have resulted in some marks on them. Most used parts have been played with and as such have wear and tear.


Minifigs: Used Minifigs are stored and shipped assembled while new Minifigs are not assembled (unless they are received assembled from Lego or it is otherwise noted on the item listing).


Part Variations: Some parts have slight variations due to a change of mold, we cannot guarantee that these listings are always correct. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific variation.